Ending Balance

By Farfromdrinken
In August 1, 2013


I hope this message reaches you in the best of health and spirit.  I know that sitting down to write this letter has been a hard task for me this time around because of the many things that our coalition participated in over the last two months, deadlines that had to be met, plus our jam-packed summer ahead. I constantly found myself trying to find balance, and I will say again that “it was hard.”  There are many things happening in our county that are not in alignment with wellness, or a thriving community.   As I sat in meetings, I was constantly thinking of different ways our team could do a better job of educating and empowering our community to make healthier choices.

It is a well known fact that those working in the social services industry, public officials, teachers, law enforcement, etc. are amongst the highest stressed population.  If these are the people that are “coming to the rescue”, finding solutions and implementing social programs to support families, shouldn’t their mental health status be of utmost importance? We have to hold each other accountable for our future, right?  We have people in positions that are providing needed social services to a population which they themselves belong to;  People who at the end of the day are confused about their role, not understanding how their mental health and opinions impact the very people they’ve been entrusted with serving.  We should know better.  Mental health screenings should be mandatory for us, we should be supporting each other in finding that balance, so that we are operating from a healthy place. When one has lost their footing it is important to have people around that will catch you before you fall.  Having an environment that promotes Workplace Wellness is instrumental in the success of any organization.

With June being a month dedicated to Men’s Health and Professional Wellness, my goal here is to remind you that we all are better balanced if we periodically do a “check up from the neck up”.

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