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It is often stated that people who are considernig suicide don't really want to die, but instead are looking for a way to escape the unbearable pain they are experiencing. Oftentimes, their pain and resulting suicidal thoughts go unnoticed, minimized or avoided.


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Tune in to our weekly webinars and get the latest strategies on how to win on teenage drinking issues.

Substance Abuse Support

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If you know of someone who is under the age of 21 and in need of help, we have counselors standing by ready to give them them services they need.

The Communities we Impact

For those over the age of 21, this campaign encourages you to be an advocate for our youth to make healthy lifestyle choices. Farfromdrïnken is a campaign for communities of all sizes that have experienced challenges with underage drinking, adults hosting underage drinking parties, retailers not carding and establishments serving people under 21.  This campaign empowers the whole community and provides a sustainability model for organizations that share a similar vision and mission.

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Farfromdrïnken is an underage drinking awareness campaign that aims to empower those under 21 to make responsible choices when it comes to their health and wellness.


Join our online community and help build awareness.


Text FFD to 21777 to get the latest on on our campaigns


Come to our networking events and meet like minded individuals looking to make a difference.

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Be sure to visit our Youtube channel often as we are developing short films that show the harsh realities of underage drinking.


Come be a part of our growing team of substance abuse support counselors. There are people that need you.


Would you like to attend our sponsored events? We sponsor various entertainment and educational events throughout the country.

Visit our Youtube channel to get our latest content!

Clients & Testimonials

Below are a list of Testimonial from clients partners and members of the community at large.

``Thank you so much for being a part of our community. We need more organizations doing what you do.``

John CornerDream Hold

``I work in the in business of serving alcohol and it is really a task getting people to drink responsibly. I love the work that your campaign is doing, It is greatly needed and appreciated!``

Marry JaneBartender

``Thank you for sponsoring our event. The reception has been wonderful and people really like what you guys are doing.``

Jamie Bonny - Envato

``I saw your billboard on Highway 27 when it dawned on me that I have children that are under the age of 21 and I would like for the them to be a part of your campaign.``

Jack MarineThe Center, Inc

FARFROMDRINKEN.COM is a social awareness campaign created under the umbrella of Drug Free Highlands. DFH was organized as a community coalition in 2003 due to increasing rates of youth substance abuse.
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